College of Medicine Parent & Family Resource Page

Take a few minutes to browse this collection of resources specifically designed for families of UNMC medical students. Below you will find videos and information from UNMC and College of Medicine faculty, staff and students. 

PFA Newsletter

November 2020 Issue

August 2020 Issue 

Student/Parent Panel 

Current College of Medicine students and their parents provide advice and information to families of new medical students. This is a recording of our virtual event held on Thursday, August 20, 2020.


Campus Tour for Families of Medical Students

M1 students will spend most of their time in a few specific locations around campus. Join Becky Brooks, College of Medicine Class of 2023, as she takes you on a specially curated tour for families so you can see the places where your student will spend their time this year.

View a full UNMC Campus Tour here.

Video Updates from UNMC and College of Medicine Partners

College of Medicine Update with Dr. Bradley Britigan, Dean

Dr. Britigan shares important information about the College of Medicine and gives an overview of what your student's medical school experience will entail.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Update with Dr. Sheritta Strong, UNMC Director of Inclusion

Dr. Strong discusses DEI efforts at UNMC and what supports are available for students with underrepresented identities.

Student Wellness Update with Dr. Kimberly Schenarts, College of Medicine Wellness Advocate

Dr. Schenarts provides information on the Student Wellness Office and her role in supporting medical students.

Counseling Services Update with Dr. David Carver, Director, Counseling Services

Dr. Carver explains the free, confidential counseling available to UNMC students and shares a few helpful tips for families of medical students.

McGoogan Health Sciences Library Overview with Teresa Hartman, Associate Professor

Teresa Hartman, MLS, provides an overview of the McGoogan Health Sciences Library and the resources and services it provides to students.

Student Senate Update with Tom Schroeder, President, Student Senate

Tom Schroeder, College of Medicine Class of 2022, gives an overview of Student Senate, the activities they facilitate for UNMC students, and how your student can get involved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our FAQ document for answers to some common questions you may have. For any unanswered medical school related questions, please contact the College of Medicine. For any unanswered PFA related questions, please email the Alumni Relations Office at