The UNMC Alumni Association is seeking strong and engaged alumni to assist in developing effective programs to strengthen alumni and student bonds to their College and to UNMC. We hope you will consider volunteering on your College's Alumni Council.

To learn more, send us an email and let us know which Alumni Council you are interested in serving on. To read about the work that is happening, click here.

Mission: Engage alumni and support UNMC.

Vision: Informed, inspired and invested alumni and friends.

Core Values:

Strategic Goals

  1. Prepare students and new alumni to be engaged.
    1. Purposefully build the next generation of alumni leaders and volunteers in support of institutional priorities.
  2. Engage alumni with UNMC and each other.
    1. Deploy meaningful engagement, customized communication and valued volunteer opportunities.
  3. Impact institutional priorities.
    1. Advance the mission and success of the University through intentional programmatic alignment.
  4. Empower alumni partners to achieve measurable outcomes.
    1. The association will serve as a valued resource for UNMC, empowering alumni councils to achieve metrics based outcomes.