Alumni Directory

The UNMC Alumni Association and University of Nebraska Foundation teamed up with UNMC students to create an online directory of all UNMC alumni.

The purpose of the directory is to open new doors for interprofessional collaboration, improve career outcomes for graduates, enhance the sense of community and inclusion, and help visually highlight successes of alumni.

The goal is to have an accessible, detailed online directory of UNMC alumni to expand networking opportunities by better connecting current students and alumni.

Alumni who would like to participate must first request login credentials from the Alumni Relations Office by emailing or calling 402.559.4385.

Once you receive your credentials and you login, you will be required to change your password. An error message will come up and say that a password change is required. Click where it says click here and then enter the same login information as before and it will allow you to change your password. After that, be sure to update your contact information by clicking on "Update Your Profile" toward the top, middle of the page.

You have the ability to determine how much of the information about yourself is shared with other users. The more you share, the more opportunities that exist for collaboration and networking.

For more information, please review our FAQ document.