Abu Dhabi Courses

A group of physicians were invited to teach two courses in Abu Dhabi for the Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM) - a Fundamentals of Critical Care Ultrasound Course and a Teach the Teachers Course.  The SCCM has been providing these courses as well as Advanced Critical Care Ultrasound Courses for 15 years at various locations throughout the United States. 

The Abu Dhabi courses were the first outside the United States and were viewed by SCCM as a showcase.  Dr. Ahmed Taha was the point person in the United Arab Emirates.  He is a Critical Care physician in Abu Dhabi.  Dr. Sasha Shillcutt and Dr. Andrew Patterson were the leads for the U.S. side.  Although not an ICU physician, Dr. Shillcutt was asked to serve as a lead on the project due to her great expertise in Echocardiography and her experience in teaching.  The other instructors for the course were Dr. Nick Markin (Anesthesiologist at UNMC), Dr. Paul Mohabir (a Pulmonary Critical Care Medicine physician at Stanford University), Dr. Andrew Patterson (an Anesthesiologist/Intensive Care physician at Stanford University), Dr. David Barounis (an Emergency Medicine/Intensive Care physician at Stanford), and Dr. Lyle Gerety (an Anesthesiologist/Intensive Care Unit physician at Stanford). 

Dr. Mohabir and Dr. Patterson have served as instructors at SCCM courses in the U.S.  Dr. Patterson also has previously served as Co-chair of an SCCM Congress in Houston Texas and served on the SCCM's Council (Board of Directors).  Dr. Shillcutt has directed several Ultrasound Courses for organizations like the Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists and the American Society of Anesthesiologists. 

From the SCCM perspective, the goal is to establish several Critical Care Ultrasound Courses throughout the world.  The plan is to have U.S. Faculty provide “Teach the Teachers Courses” at these locations until the local faculty can conduct the courses themselves.  U.S. Faculty will assist with these courses as needed as the local teams become independent.  The hope is that Dr. Shillcutt, Dr. Markin, and other Faculty from the University of Nebraska will play an important role in this process in the future. (Note: Dr. Andrew Patterson will be joining the UNMC Department of Anesthesiology in October 2015. He will serve as Executive Vice Chair of the department).