Resident Program

Resident Education

Michael F. Sorrell Center for Health Science Education

At UNMC, simulation is an essential component of resident education in Anesthesiology. Clinical Base Year residents experience several anesthesia-led simulations during their intern year. Incoming CA-1 residents are then oriented in the simulation lab prior to working in the operating room. A 3 year curriculum has been designed to expose residents to a number of critical scenarios. Basic clinical simulations are performed on a monthly basis with additional simulations emphasizing specific skills completed as part of subspecialty rotations.

Each simulation endeavors to expose the resident to an acute, high risk scenario in a low risk environment. The center is designed to create a safe environment for residents to learn in critical situations without risk to patients. It allows them to practice vital skills of communication and crisis management. Residents also take part in collaborative simulations with the Department of Surgery and the School of Clinical Perfusion to hone their skills as an effective member of the patient care team.