Gitwe Hospital


The Gitwe Hospital in Gitwe, Rwanda opened in 1997 as a converted local health center. Since then, the building has grown into a hospital for the Ruhango District and serves a population of eight health centers. In 2014, 6,000 patients were admitted for treatment and an additional 6,700 patients received outpatient treatment. The Hospital holds 200 hospital beds and administers three to four C-sections per day, as well as ten deliveries per day.

With the opening of the University of Gitwe School of Medicine in 2013, Gitwe Hospital now serves as a teaching hospital and became the second institution in Rwanda to offer a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery degree. In the 2014-2015 academic schoolyear, 257 students were enrolled. Currently, the student total exceeds 450 students with the first class scheduled to graduate in 2019. Other programs offered at the University of Gitwe include medicine, nursing, biomedical science, computer science, and education.

Surgical Trips

The first surgical trip to Gitwe, Rwanda took place in October 2016. The operations transpired over the course of six working days, including one set-up day, five full operating days, and one break-down day. Two operating rooms were assembled and utilized, including one pediatric and one adult. The team performed 22 large goiter excisions and 13 cleft lip repairs over the course of the five operating days.

Gorilla Trek

The team had the option to partake in a Gorilla Trek after leaving Gitwe Hospital. This group stayed in Ruhengeri, Rwanda at the Mountain View Gorilla Lodge and was guided through the park on a gorilla tracking adventure. The trek is not for the faint of heart, but is guaranteed to be an adventure of a lifetime!

Other Projects

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  Kristi Lorenzen - Using the Ultrasound for Venous Access - Gitwe Rwanda - October 2016  Teaching in Rwanda