Pre-Anesthesia Screening

Preoperative screening helps to alleviate problems while minimizing unnecessary and costly delays or cancellations. It makes patient safety a number one priority.

The Pre-Anesthesia Screening Unit is located in the Clarkson Tower, room 2889. The PAS is currently open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:45 p.m.

The Department of Anesthesiology encourages all patients who are anticipating a surgical procedure at Nebraska Medicine to have an Anesthesia screening in the PAS as part of their preoperative workup. Patients will be evaluated by a combined team of Staff Anesthesiologists, Residents and Physician Assistants focusing on potential cardiac, pulmonary and airway problems that may be encountered perioperatively. The Anesthesia Team then will work in conjunction with the Clinics, Consults, Primary Care Providers and Ancillary Support Teams to assure that the patient is prepared prior to the day of surgery.

This preoperative workup may take one-half to one full day to complete with clinic visits, Diagnostic Center workups, and PAS screening. Appropriate arrangements should be made for this time commitment. Patients should be prepared to complete what is required (diabetic patients and patients on oxygen should make arrangements for food, insulin, or adequate oxygen).

The patient should have a completed surgical packet prior to the PAS visit. This packet should be made available at the time of the patient's preoperative visit to help avoid last minute problems the day prior to or the morning of surgery This should include: