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Physical activity is fundamental for the maintenance of human health. Regular exercise reduces cardiovascular risk and improves disease prognosis. The goal of our laboratory is to elucidate a novel mechanism underpinning exercise-evoked cardiovascular benefits involved in nuclear factor-erythroid factor 2-related factor 2 (Nrf2) and extracellular vesicles (EVs) in skeletal muscle. We hypothesize that, during exercise, contracting muscle generates a mass of reactive oxygen species (ROS), which in turn activate Nrf2 to upregulate a large group of antioxidant enzymes and other cytoprotective proteins. These proteins are packaged into EVs and transported to the remote tissues/organs where antioxidant defenses are enhanced and protective processes occurred.  


novel_mechanism_underlying_exercise_benefits.pngNovel mechanism underlying exercise-cardiovascular benefits



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Anjali Bhat, PhD
Post-doctoral Research Associate

Li Yu, BS
Research Technologist I

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Ved Pendyala
High School Researcher

Research Intern

Sarah Pribil
PhD Student  



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Will Bruening
Medical Student
Summer 2022 Research Intern
Brenden Lofgren
Medical Student
Summer 2022 Research Intern





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As a Principle Investigator (PI)

Skeletal Muscle Nrf2: Exercise-Induced Cardiovascular Protection




Chronic Exercise-Induced Skeletal Muscle Functional and Proteomic Adaptation: Role of Nrf2/Keap1

University of Nebraska Medical Center, College of Medicine; Frances E. Lageschulte and Evelyn B. Weese

New Frontiers in Medical Research Fund



AT2 Receptors in the RVLM: Regulation of Sympathetic Outflow in Heart Failure




Sympatho-excitation in chronic heart failure: role of AT1 and AT2 receptors

American Heart Association National Center, Scientist Development Grant (0635007N)



Sympathetic outflow in heart failure angiotensin II, NO and ROS

American Heart Association Heartland Affiliate, Postdoctoral Fellowship (0425680Z)



As a Co-investigator (Co-I)

Nrf2 regulation of oxidative stress in heart failure and extra vesicular communication

DHHS/NIH/NHLBI (R01HL153176) (PI-Dr. Irving Zucker)

Role: Co-Investigator for 3.00 Calendar Months


Cardiac afferents and renal function in heart failure

DHHS/NIH/NHLBI (R01HL126796) (PI-Dr. Irving Zucker)

Role: Co-Investigator for 1.80 Calendar Months


Novel Neural Mechanisms underlying Lung-Heart Pathological Crosstalk

DHHS/NIH/NHLBI (R01HL152160) (PI-Dr. Hanjun Wang)

Role: Co-Investigator for 1.20 Calendar Months


Neural Control of the Circulation in Heart Failure

DHHS/NIH/NHLBI (P01-HL62222) (PI-Dr. Irving Zucker)


Role 2: Project 1. Co-Investigator: 1.2 calendar months



(Past two years)

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Macrophage activation in stellate ganglia contributes to lung injury-induced arrhythmogenesis in male rats.

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Additional Publications in Pubmed. 




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Chittibabu (Babu) Guda, PhD
Dept. of Genetics, Cell Biology & Anatomy, UNMC

Vikas Kumar, PhD
Dept. of Genetics, Cell Biology & Anatomy, UNMC
Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics Core 
Song-Young Park, PhD
School of Health and Kinesiology, UNO
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Dr. Hanjun Wang, MD
Dept. of Anesthesiology, UNMC
Dr. Irving H. Zucker, PhD
Dept. of Cellular & Integrative Physiology, UNMC