Pendyala Lab

Contact Information:GuruP
Gurudutt Pendyala, Ph.D.,
Assistant Professor

Department of Anesthesiology
Lied Transplant Center 10718 (Office); 10719 (Lab)
984455 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, NE 68198-4455
Telephone:  402-559-8690 (Office)
                  402-559-1083  (Lab)

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**Currently accepting PhD and MD/PhD students for lab rotations


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Current Funding

Nebraska Center for Substance Abuse Research
Award Period: 11/1/17-10/31/18
Title: “Systems biology approach to identify novel blood biomarkers associated with opioid tapering”
Role: Principal Investigator

COBRE - Nebraska Center for Nanomedicine Pilot project
Award Period: 01/01/2018-06/30/2018
Title: “In vivo neuroimaging of brain metabolites after oxycodone exposure”
Role: Principal Investigator

UNMC Office of Vice Chancellor of Research Core grant
Award Period: 01/01/2018-12/31/2018
“Oxycodone Exposure and Synaptic Development”
Role: Principal Investigator
Previous Funding

Nebraska Research Initiative
Award Period: 07/1/15-06/30/17
Title: “Ageing and NeuroAIDS: Decoding the synapse”
Role: Co- Principal Investigator
IDEA Award, Department of Defense
Award Period: 09/30/13-09/29/16
Title: “Mechanisms of synaptic alterations in a neuroinflammation model of Autism”
Role: Co- Investigator
Nebraska Research Initiative
Award Period: 07/1/12-06/30/14
Title: “Strategies to prevent relapse in chronic methamphetamine users”
Role: Principal Investigator
NE DHHS –LB506 2014-04B
Award Period: 07/1/13-06/30/14
Title: “Sex Differences in Nicotine addiction: A systems approach to decipher the synapse”
Role: Principal Investigator

Representative Publications (Last 2 years)

Thangaraj A, Periyasamy P, Liao K, Bendi VS, Callen S, Pendyala G and Buch S. (2018) “HIV-1 TAT-1 mediated microglial activation: Role of mitochondrial dysfunction and defective mitophagy”. Autophagy [In Press].

Pendyala G, Chou S, Jung Y, Coiro P, Spartz E, Ragunatham P, Li M and Dunaevsky A (2017) “Maternal immune activation causes behavioral impairments and altered cerebellar cytokine and synaptic protein expression” Neuropsychopharmacology 42(7):1435-1446.

Hu, G, Liao K, Yang L, Pendyala G, Kook Y, Fox HS and Buch S (2017) “Tat-mediated induction of miRs-34a & 138 promotes astrocytic activation via down regulation of SIRT1: Implications for aging in HAND” Journal of Neuroimmune Pharmacology  12(3):420-432.

Pendyala G, Marcario JK, Riazi M, Fleming K, Marquis J, Lisco SJ, Cheney PD and Buch SJ (2016) “Effect of morphine on behavioral task performance in SIV-infected rhesus macaques” Journal of Neuroimmune Pharmacology Jun; 11(2): 348-375. 

Charnitkov S, Pittenger S, Thapa I, Bastola DR, Bevins RA and Pendyala G# (2015) “Ibudilast reverses the decrease in the synaptic signaling protein phosphatidyl ethanolamine- binding protein 1 produced by chronic methamphetamine intake in rats” Drug and Alcohol Dependence Jul 1; 152:15-23

Pendyala G, Perisamy P, Callen S, Fox HS, Lisco SJ and Buch S (2015) “Chronic SIV and Morphine treatment increases heat shock protein 5 expression at the synapse” Journal of Neurovirology Oct; 21(5): 592-8.

Coiro P, Ragunathan P, Anand S, Spartz E, Pendyala G, Chou C, Jung Y, Meays B, Roy S, Li M andDunaevsky A (2015) "Impaired Synaptic Development in a Maternal Immune Activation Mouse Model of Neurodevelopmental Disorders" Brain, Behavior and Immunity 50: 249-58.

Additional Publications in Pubmed.


Rick Bevins, Ph.D., Department of Psychology, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Shilpa Buch, Ph.D., Department of Pharmacology and Experimental Neuroscience, UNMC

Siddappa Byrareddy, Ph.D., Department of Pharmacology and Experimental Neuroscience, UNMC

Sowmya Yelamanchili, Ph.D., Department of Pharmacology and Experimental Neuroscience, UNMC