Our Education Team

Who will shape your education?

We know that outstanding achievements only happen thanks to a collection of excellent people. That’s why we work hard to bring the best clinicians, educators, and inquisitors to our team.


The Testimonials and Tours page features several candid looks at the genuine relationships amongst faculty and trainees, such as the 2020 Resident Graduation video.



Andrea Dutoit, MD
Associate Professor
Residency Program Director

Residency and Fellowship: Mayo Clinic (Pediatric)


Amy Duhachek-Stapelman, MD
Vice Chair of Education
2020 Varner Educator Laureate

Residency: UNMC
   Katie Goergen, MD
Assistant Professor
Associate Residency Program Director, Education

Residency and Fellowship: University of Maryland (Cardiothoracic)


Cale Kassel, MD
Associate Professor
Associate Residency Program Director, Operations and Rotations

Residency: UNMC


 Joe Pawlowski, MD
Assistant Professor
Associate Residency Program Director, Performance and Wellbeing

Residency: University of Rochester Medical Center
Fellowship: Vanderbilt University (Critical Care)


Faye Haggar, EdD
Assistant Professor, Director of Education Development & Academic Technology

Doctoral Degree: University of South Dakota, Educational Administration & Leadership 



Katie Schroder
Administrator of Educational Programs

Shelly McCaffrey
Residency Coordinator


Lori Martello
Fellowship Coordinator

Mary Bernhagen
Fellowship Coordinator


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