Salary, Benefits and Call

Why Choose Us?

Our residency program offers one of the most competitive wages in the nation in a beautiful city with a low cost of living. We provide benefits and perks with intentions to help make residents and their families successful.

2022-2023 House Officer Annual Salary:

HO I (CBY)          $61,358
HO II (CA1)         $63,629
HO III (CA2)        $66,222
HO IV (CA3)        $68,583
HO V (Fellow)     $70,984


Vacation and Leave

Our department extends a generous leave package to our residents because we know it is important to have time away. We fully support the new American Board of Anesthesiology Leave of Absence policy as it complies with our institutional policies.

Insurance Available


Educational Benefits

Other Benefits from Institution, GME and Department

See the GME benefits listed below and more with this video.