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8/17/2022 Update - The online Application Portal is now open!

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  Application Period 1: August – December

The ARPA Application Informational Webinar was held on August 25th. The slides and presentation video links are below.

Click here to view the informational webinar slides. (PDF) 

View the transcript of the webinar. (PDF)

For answers to frequently asked questions: ARPA FAQs

The online application has four different versions depending on the category your funding request falls under. To view the application questions, click the links below.

The four application categories:

Behavioral Health Training Opportunities (PDF)

Funding for BH Supervisors Application (PDF)

Telebehavioral Health Support Application (PDF)

Workforce Projects COVID Application (PDF)


For additional help with the application:

Tips on how to use the online application portal: (PowerPoint)(PDF)

Reporting/Evaluation Measures

Awardees will be expected to gather and report on evaluation measures throughout the duration of their projects. Finalized evaluation measures will be provided by BHECN once awards are disseminated.

We are providing a draft version of potential evaluation measures that will be used for each of the award categories. Please note, that these are subject to change prior to award dissemination. ARPA Funding Evaluation Measures (DRAFT version, subject to change) (PDF)

Review Committees

There are four separate Behavioral Health Workforce ARPA Award categories and four separate review committees, one for each category. To find out more about the review committees and review criteria, click to view the Review Criteria for Applications (PDF)

Read the Legislative Bill 1014 (PDF)

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 Print the BHECN ARPA Flier (text shown here)

In 2022, the legislature passed LB1014, which allocated American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding to various entities across Nebraska. ARPA was federal funding given to states to address the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. In LB1014, BHECN was allocated $25.5 million to address the shortage of behavioral health professionals. The pandemic caused a dramatic increase in the need for behavioral health services, and with providers already in short supply, many people experienced long wait times or a complete inability to access behavioral healthcare. This has become a crisis for many areas of the state, particularly in rural areas.    

This one-time funding will be disbursed through a competitive request for proposal process based on the four major areas outlined in LB1014. Any Nebraska organization/provider is eligible to apply for these awards, which will be distributed based on the schedule below.  

  1. Behavioral Health Training Opportunities.

    Projects in this award category should focus on providing training and clinical experience opportunities for behavioral health students, trainees and professionals. Proposed budgets should not exceed $500,000. Projects in this category could include:
  1. Telebehavioral Health Support in Rural Areas. 

    Projects in this award category should focus on increasing access to behavioral healthcare through telebehavioral services. Proposed budgets should not exceed $1,000,000. Projects in this category could include:
  1. Behavioral Health Workforce Projects for Students and Behavioral Health Professionals

    Projects should be related to behavioral health issues caused or exacerbated by the COVID-19 public health emergency. Projects in this award category should focus on providing educational programs, recruitment and retention projects, and research related to the behavioral health impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Proposed budgets should not exceed $100,000. Projects could include:
  1. Funding for Licensed Behavioral Health Supervisors currently employed in Nebraska.

    Projects in this award category should be focused on supporting supervision costs as organizations/providers supervise provisionally licensed behavioral health professionals. Proposed budgets should not exceed $100,000. Projects could include:


  Applicants can request funding for up to three years (all ARPA funding expires on December 31, 2025).

  BHECN cannot guarantee funding after December 31, 2025.

Town Hall Presentation Slides:

Click to view the Requests For Proposal Presentation slides from the Town Hall Meeting  

Tentative Award Calendar

The first funding cycle will begin in August 2022. Applicants can request funding during the open cycles until December 2025. Below is a tentative schedule for applications, review committees, and distribution of the awards. Fiscal years will run from July 1 to June 30. This is tentative and subject to change.

Tentative Schedule – Fiscal Year 1 (2022-2023)​

Application Period 1: August – December

Application Period 2: January – March

Application Period 3: April – June

Grant Writing Workshop

Click to read the transcript of the BHECN/ARPA Writing Workshop

Click to download the PDF of PowerPoint Slides

For more information, contact us!

For answers to frequently asked questions: ARPA FAQs


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