Diversity Equity & Inclusion in Behavioral Health

BHECN is dedicated to building a diverse behavioral health workforce in Nebraska that engages all individuals within our state.


We believe that high-quality behavioral healthcare should be available regardless of age, gender, race, sexual orientation, beliefs, socioeconomic status or (dis)ability. We recognize that many people find themselves at the intersection of one or more underrepresented groups, and we strive to create a workforce that is as diverse as our community.

Cultural competency allows the workforce to ensure it is effectively addressing the needs of consumers and families. A culturally competent workforce is more effective if it has access to culturally diverse training and resources.

At BHECN, we continue to be committed to supporting the future and current behavioral health workforce through advocacy, education and training. We aspire to provide the support that fits the needs of our community and welcome input regarding future topics for training.  

For more information on BHECN's DEI mission, contact Alison DeLizza