Students Participating in North Omaha YEOH Program Introduced to Behavioral Health

2016 North Omaha Conference

(pictured left to right) Dr. Sheritta Strong and Cheri Jenkins, APRN

BHECN was excited to host the behavioral health day at the 15th Annual Youth Expression of Health (YEOH) workshop held at North Omaha High School. The YEOH workshop, organized by Ira Combs, RN, MS, community nurse liaison in UNMC's Center for Reducing Health Disparities in the College of Public Health, and the North Omaha Area Health (NOAH), provides education for youth ages 12-20 who may be interested in health careers, public health and improving the community in which they live.

Sheritta Strong, M.D., attending psychiatrist and assistant professor at UNMC’s Department of Psychiatry, welcomed the students with an overview of mental health and described her career as a psychiatrist. Cheri Jenkins, RN, MSN, MS, MHA, LMHP, LPC, PLADC, shared her personal journey of becoming a psychiatric nurse practitioner.
Willie Barney, founder and president of The Empowerment Network, presented “The Impact of Violence” discussing trauma and the importance of reaching out for help in the community. “You each have greatness within you,” he said passionately to the students. He led an interactive discussion about how they can help others and make a difference in their community. 
“It’s vital to reach out to our youth, especially to those who may not have been exposed to behavioral health in their community,” said BHECN’s Director, Howard Liu, M.D. “These bright students are eager to learn more about mental health, and we were excited to have such dynamic presenters engaging with them and introducing them to the many possibilities in the field.”
Students also had the opportunity to meet with professionals one-on-one at table top discussions to learn more about topics such as managing anger, trauma informed care, anxiety disorders, stress management & self-esteem, and crisis intervention.