High School Alliance Student Heads to HOSA National Competition

Lea Sobrilsky

High School Alliance behavioral health student Lea Sobrilsky

High School Alliance student Lea Sobrilsky will be heading to Orlando to participate in the HOSA national competition this June, competing in the Behavioral Health category. Sobrilsky, a junior at Papillion La Vista South high school, qualified for the national competition earlier this year after placing third in the Behavioral Health category at the Nebraska state HOSA competition.

Sobrilsky got involved with HOSA, an organization for future health professionals, during her sophomore year of high school on the suggestion of LaRue Diehl, the teacher of health classes at her school.

“I got involved because I was interested in health careers; I always thought I wanted to go into a health career,” Sobrilsky said.

The state HOSA competition was a 75-100 question test over broad topics in behavioral health. Sobrilsky said she spent a lot of time studying. The AP Psychology course she is taking at school, as well as the Behavioral Health class she is taking at UNMC, were helpful to her studies.

Sobrilsky has spent half of her school day for the past semester on the UNMC campus, attending the High School Alliance Behavioral Health course. The course was developed in collaboration with faculty and staff from BHECN, the Munroe-Meyer Institute and the High School Alliance. She became involved with the course when her health teacher told her about it.

“UNMC and BHECN programs are extremely close to my heart, especially since I’m at UNMC every single day...I’m in the behavioral health class, and I’ve been introduced to several people and love what it represents,” Sobrilsky said.

She qualified to attend the HOSA national competition last year, for a group event in creative problem solving, but the group was unable to get funding to attend. This year, the UNMC Department of Psychology and BHECN each provided funding so she could attend.

“I was worried I wouldn’t be able to go again this year,” Sobrilsky said. “By them helping me and being so gracious and nice about this has been one of the greatest opportunities I’ve ever received.”

-Sophie Ford