Legislation proposes internships for Master’s level students

Nebraska State Capitol

Health care is changing quickly.  Increasingly, behavioral health care is provided in doctor’s offices, in what is called primary care integration.  In order for students to thrive in the new landscape, they need the opportunities to learn how to work in integrated care.  Both classroom and on-the-job education are critical to prepare students to practice as behavioral health care professionals in a primary care setting.

In order give students the hands-on experience they need, Senator Sue Crawford has introduced LB 108 to provide paid internships to students in Social Work, Professional Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy.  These include a stipend and placement in a pre-identified primary care office.

LB 108 will also allow BHECN to create a certificate program at universities across Nebraska for behavioral health students interested in primary care practice. In addition to their master’s degree, behavioral health students would have the opportunity earn a certificate in integrated practice.