Ashley Turner


Ashley Turner

Ashley Turner is in the BHECN Spotlight for May!   

Ashley received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) and will be continuing her education to receive her Master's Degree in Higher Education Administration-Student Affairs Administration at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln (UNL). BHECN has been delighted to have an opportunity to work with Ashley over the past few months as our Projects Intern.

Turner is ecstatic to further her career by advocating for students and their education.

"I've always been interested in working in an environment where I get to help others, and I'm a huge advocate for education accessibility. When I learned about student affairs careers, I realized that a career in the field would combine my love for those two things while allowing me to work in a diverse, exciting field."

Being able to work with students from diverse backgrounds has been her favorite part.

"I have enjoyed getting to work with students from all different backgrounds. It has been rewarding to get to know students coming through the programs. I enjoy watching their growth, in addition to their developing interest in their field of study."

BHECN inspired Turner to further her education by getting her master's degree.

"This internship showed me the value education has for so many students, and I have enjoyed working with people from such a wide range of diverse backgrounds.

I have always known I have wanted to help others through work, and my internship at BHECN enabled me to see the value in higher education beyond what I already had."

The experience at BHECN has helped Turner gain essential skills for her future aspirations.

"I have been able to further my conflict resolution and time management skills, and I have also been able to gain experience working with a wide variety of students from diverse backgrounds. I am hoping to work in a diversity and gender equity office setting or within recruitment services, both at a higher education institution."

When Turner is not working, you may find her traveling, "I enjoy traveling, especially to Colorado, so I am excited to start doing that again as we approach a downhill slope on COVID. Additionally, I spend a lot of my time going on runs, spending time with close friends, and attending concerts. I also love to spend time with my partner, Colin, and our 2-year-old Maine Coon mix cat named Garbanzo Bean."


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