Erin Schneider Joins BHECN


Erin Schneider, Outreach Coordinator

Erin Schneider originally joined the University of Nebraska Medical Center's (UNMC) CityMatCH organization. CityMatCH is the national membership organization for urban maternal and child health professionals, located in the Department of Pediatrics at UNMC. Then in June of 2020, she joined BHECN as the new Outreach Coordinator, working with the leadership team to develop, organize, facilitate, implement, and evaluate its outreach plan to the community and promoting the behavioral health workforce.

Erin has 12 years of experience in social work and behavioral health, a bachelor of science degree in Psychology from Drake University and a master's degree in Social Work from the University of Kansas. Prior to working at CityMatCH, Erin enjoyed working in Rural Alaska, where she would fly to villages and provide home visits to Alaska Native families. Erin felt privileged to be able to live and work in a part of the United States that not many people would get to experience. While working at CityMatCH, Erin liked the national reach of the organization and working with passionate public health professionals across the country.

Leading her to BHECN was her interest in policy. When the Outreach Coordinator position became available, she applied because she felt her combined experience in workforce development and behavioral health would be an excellent fit for the BHECN position.

Erin's motivation in life is her kids and a desire to make the world a better place for them to thrive. To reach her goals she is developing a plan which will include a better understanding of the behavioral health system in Nebraska and allow her to determine the needs and help improve behavioral health workforce development.

Erin is passionate about maternal and child health, health equity, and criminal justice/drug reform. She likes to work quietly behind the scenes to help like-minded organizations make the world a little better.

In her free time, you might find Erin hiking with her family or baking. At the top of her bucket list is a goal to travel internationally, not needing a destination but going to as many places as she can!

Welcome aboard!

Erin's favorite quote:

"This too shall pass" - Abraham Lincoln 


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