BHECN Presented Integration Model at Nebraska Rural Health Conference

BH Integration Care Team

Behavioral health professional shortages exist in many rural Nebraska communities. The concept is to provide behavioral health within the primary health care setting, allowing the integrated health team the opportunity to treat behavioral health problems where they first arise, which is usually at the primary physician’s office. This model of care can also help save time and money for the practice and lead to better health outcomes.

“Our goal is for everyone in Nebraska to have access to behavioral health services in their community,” said Holly Roberts, Ph.D., a psychologist at Munroe-Meyer Institute. “Integrating behavioral health into primary care settings has been an excellent solution for those in rural communities across Nebraska to receive quality behavioral health services.”

To date, there are over 40 integrated care clinics in the state and almost half of those are located in rural settings.

“We can reach all corners of Nebraska by continuing our efforts to expand quality behavioral services in primary care settings.”

Presenters included (pictured above left to right): Nancy Foster, Ph.D., Joseph Evans, Ph.D., Holly Roberts, Ph.D., Kenton Shaffer, M.D., and Christine Chasek, Ph.D.