Interprofessional Mentorship Dinner Connects Students with Pros

Mentorship Dinner 2017

(left to right) Justin Moore, Katy Menousek, Ph.D., Terri Mathews, Ph.D., APRN, Tim Hron, LIMHP, Kalisha Reed, LIMHP, Priya Maillacheruvu and Larisa Che 

BHECN hosted the 6th annual Mentorship Dinner at the historic Joslyn Castle on January 25, bringing together 120 students, trainees, providers, educators and advocates to network, mentor and make connections.
The Mentorship Dinner provides a unique opportunity to bring together students and professionals who may not otherwise cross paths in their training. This is their chance to make interprofessional connections, ask questions and learn about opportunities in their chosen field.
Behavioral health students and professionals representing counseling, social work, psychiatry, psychology, nursing, physician assistant programs and more participated along with students from the High School Alliance program at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC).
“After talking with a variety of behavioral health professionals, I felt more empowered, passionate, and excited to begin working in the mental health field,” commented Hannah Dorcey, who recently received her bachelor of science in nursing from Creighton University and is working at the Omaha VA Medical Center.
As an undergraduate student, Risë Mitchell attended her first Mentorship Dinner in 2013 held at Dr. Howard Liu’s home. At the time, she knew she wanted to work in mental health. She has come full-circle working as a nurse in the inpatient psychiatric unit at the VA and now finds herself advising students who are navigating their future plans. Today, she is a doctoral-level psychiatric nursing student at UNMC’s College of Nursing.
“I enjoyed talking with high school students about their plans, passion and interests,” said Mitchell. “It was also nice to talk to other people that were in charge of youth residential services and people that work at Community Alliance. It reminded me of all the services that we actually have in this area. I have not decided if I want to work with adolescents, adults, or geriatrics. As of right now, I am interested in youth and family services.”

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