Norfolk behavioral health professionals, educators connect

Norfolk BET Lunch

Students with behavioral health challenges often need specialized services and school personnel across the state report they need additional training and support to help their students. In response to this need, BHECN has partnered with stakeholders in several areas of the state to form Behavioral Health Education for Teachers (BET) teams.  BET teams are currently in place in Scottsbluff, Columbus,and Norfolk.

In Norfolk, the BET team recently organized and hosted a luncheon to begin making connections between the schools and the behavioral health providers. The luncheon was held at the Norfolk School District offices as a way to build strong communication between the school system and behavioral health professionals in the community.

BHECN’s Amy Holmes gave a presentation about our current projects.  Topics of discussion included integration of behavioral health services and primary care, services provided over a telehealth connection and trainings offered by BHECN to behavioral health professionals.

The luncheon was part of a larger effort to survey behavioral health professionals and identify those interested in providing behavioral health training to teachers and school staff in the Norfolk area.  BHECN is committed to supporting these local experts in providing training to educators.  Once this BET team has identified some potential trainers, they plan to schedule trainings on topics already prioritized by school staff in Norfolk.