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Every nurse is impacted by mental health in some way, whether it is via patient challenges or personal experiences. It is imperative for every nurse, not just those who are specialists, to be educated and well prepared to most effectively help those who are living with mental health issues. The Psychiatric Nursing Workforce Summit allows nurses who are passionate about improving patient lives to be at the forefront of collectively addressing the gap in mental health services from all angles, through education, practice changes, and legislative and policy actions. 

To support nurses in reaching their goal of improving patient lives the Psychiatric Nursing Workforce Summit is dedicated to continually updating and sharing new strategies that affect mental health nursing education, practice, and policy. Summit organizers purposefully select topics which are immediately translatable for practice areas and address important and timely concerns for all nurses, but particularly for psychiatric mental health nurses.

Conservatively, one in four people will experience some sort of mental health issue and currently, Nebraska does not have enough resources to treat everyone who requires treatment. Nebraska nurses are working hard to fill the gap through innovations in practice, education, and policy. Summits like the Psychiatric Nursing Workforce allow for collective brainstorming and forward thinking in the areas of mental health nursing workforce advancement.

A popular slogan in health care today is, “There is no health without mental health.” There is an increased demand for identifying and treating mental health problems among both health-care providers and the public. In turn, this demand is driving an evolution in the medical workforce to integrate psychiatric mental health care into primary care. To keep up with the increased need for providers, additional generalist, and advanced practice psychiatric nurses will be needed for mental health care in hospital and community-based settings.

This year the Summit, currently scheduled to have more than 100 nurses in attendance, will feature prominent, national speakers including Dr. Michael Rice, a Nebraska native and former faculty member at the University of Nebraska Medical Center's College of Nursing. Dr. Rice will present Building Data-Driven Policy Guidelines: Establishing an Agenda for National Psychiatric Mental Healthcare. Also presenting is Dr. Gail Stuart, a nationally-known psychiatric nurse educator. She will be speaking about the progress Nebraska has made in the past two years and provide perspective on future directions. Additional experts from Nebraska, including Sheri Dawson, the Director of the Division of Behavioral Health in Nebraska at the Department of Health and Human Services, and the Behavioral Health Education Center of Nebraska's Dr. Tina Chasek. Dr. Chasek will be presenting SBIRT Screening for Substance Misuse in Primary and Specialty Care: Education and Practice Perspectives.

In addition to the important conference goals and topics, the Summit will provide time for nurses to interact and network with colleagues. Please join us on Wednesday, September 12, 2018, for a very exciting and worthwhile 2018 Psychiatric Nursing Summit!  

Visit the 2018 Psychiatric Nursing Workforce Summit page for more information or to register.

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