Running from Crazy film and panel shines a light on mental illness

Running from Crazy panel at Film Streams

Running from Crazy examines mental illness in the iconic Hemingway family and follows actress Mariel Hemingway’s search for why suicide runs in her family – seven relatives have taken their own lives – and the impact it's made on her clan. The Hemingway curse extends from her grandfather Ernest, that lion of American literature, to her model sister Margaux. Mariel's struggled with depression herself and has become a mental health advocate in line with holistic living books she's written.

The documentary was shown to a sold out crowd at Film Streams on October 7, 2014.  Following the screening BHECN’s Director Howard Liu, MD, was among the speakers on a panel sponsored by The Kim Foundation.

Several BHECN students attended the screening and a couple of them shared their thoughts on the film and panel:

Jennifer Oligmueller, second year medical student

“The way that the main character talked about her sister, who ended up committing suicide, stood out to me. She was very honest about her feelings about her sister. I think the brutal honesty of the film was very touching. The honesty that I witnessed from many of the Hemmingway family members in their memories of their lives was something that our community needs to hear about and needs to realize that mental health should be valued and not be pushed to the side. This film gave me hope that mental health awareness is on the rise. I feel that the stigma attached to mental health is not as bad as it once was and films like these, along with the panel afterwards, helps immensely with letting people feel more open to addressing their own mental health.”

Kosuke "Ko" Niitsu, Ph.D. Candidate, UNMC College of Nursing

“I think interest in community conversations about mental health is increasing. Talking about mental illness is very challenging because it is often associated with stigma. However, as Mariel Hemingway, a charismatic advocate, shared her personal stories in Running From Crazy, I sense more people affected by mental illness are bravely coming out and speaking in public. We are no longer in "denial." I thought the panel discussion was really stimulating as each panelist brought their unique perspectives: Dr. Howard Liu as a provider, Ms. Mindy Eggert as a survivor, and Ms. Ciara Warden as both provider and survivor. I truly believe this event has influenced the community positively evidenced by the engaging interaction between the audience and the panelists.”