Student Profile: Anitra Warrior

Anitra WarriorWho you are?  Where are you from? Where do you go to school?

My name is Anitra Warrior and I am from the Ponca Tribe of Oklahoma.  I was raised in White Eagle, Oklahoma and I attended elementary, Jr. High and High School in Ponca City, Ok.  I later went to Little Priest Tribal College in Winnebago, NE and then moved to Lincoln to attend UN-L for undergraduate and graduate studies in Counseling Psychology. 

Why did you choose to become a psychologist?

My reason for becoming a psychologist was based on my exposure to disparities in multiple forms of care for American Indians and rural populations.  Culturally competent services seemed to be far and few between and with the many health concerns I saw within my own tribe, I knew this was a field in which I could make an impact on service delivery as well as accessibility and availability.  A truly amazing component of this field is the ability to practice science with a warm and genuine approach that embraces human interaction.

Where do you hope to practice when you’ve completed your training?  Why there?

I'm excited to continue my private practice in Northeastern Nebraska because I have the opportunity to continue working with American Indians in the area.  And through my internship at Western Nebraska Behavioral Health, I've been able to expand services to rural and frontier areas in Western, Ne.  Through this internship, we have made plans to continue collaboration for services across rural areas and will also continue to recruit students into the field of psychology. 

What is the one thing you wish you knew about psychology before you ended up down this career path?

The one thing I wish I knew before going into this field was how important supervision would be.  In other positions, I've been comfortable with rarely seeing my supervisor and I appreciated the independence.  Although there is a great deal of independence within this field, supervision can truly enhance your learning and development.  After going through my masters and now my doctoral program, I promote healthy supervision regularly-for myself and new students. 

What is one interesting/quirky/fun/unique thing we should know about you?

I like to think I have a pretty unique name.  The story behind my name, however  isn't as unique... My mother chose my first name "Anitra" from the Price is Right model Anitra Ford.  I never really cared for my name but as I got older, I met a few other Anitras.  And to my surprise, their mother's chose their name from the same model!  Since then, I've met several women with the same name and story!  On multiple occasions we have discussed how we should have a group that meets regularly and then we need to be featured on Oprah!