School Mental Health Conference


Healthy children are prepared to develop skills and learn effectively in school. Yet not all children come to school with the emotional and behavioral health they need to succeed. With students in school almost 7 hours every school day, schools are uniquely positioned to support students’ emotional, mental, and behavioral health needs.

This year’s conference is BHECN’s first foray into the conversation on school mental health. Our goal is to take a first step toward better mutual understanding between the school and mental health systems, so together we can better support student mental health. 


Keynote: Sharon Hoover Stephan, Ph.D.

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Panel: Nebraska school mental health practices

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Panel: Coordinating school, family, and clinician to improve behavioral health outcomes

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Trauma 101 - Jude Connelly, LMHP, LCSW                                                   

Child Psychiatric Medications 101 - Cindy Ellis, M.D.

Suicide Prevention Training Program - Jolene Palmer    

Classroom Strategies for Behavioral Health - Joe Evans, Ph.D.

Navigating the Education System for Your Client - Amy Williams     

Transitioning Back to School After Treatment - Connie Schnoes, Ph.D.

How to Navigate the Child Welfare & Mental Health Systems for Your Student - Sarah Hayek