Youth and Family Partnerships

Overcoming Behavioral Health Challenges

60 minutes

Description: Tanner Mangum, BYU Quarterback, shares his story about accessing behavioral health services and overcoming depression and anxiety with the help of counseling and medication management. As a mental health advocate, he shares his experiences in hopes of decreasing the stigma surrounding mental health and encouraging others to reach out.

Current Issues in Family-Driven Care: Caregiver Stress

60 minutes

Person-Centered Planning and Family-Driven Care

60 minutes

Increasing Family Voice in the Juvenile Justice System

60 minutes

What is Person-Centered Care?

3 minutes

Operationalizing Youth-Driven (Youth Move National)

90 minutes

Parent Support Services: Models of Service Delivery (TA Network)

90 minutes

Beyond the Front Door: A Webinar on Family Voice (created by TX SOC)

70 minutes

Elevating the Voice of Persons with Lived Experience in Trauma-Informed Systems (from TX SOC)

90 minutes

Creating Trauma-Informed, Family-Driven SOC

40 minutes

Creating Trauma-Informed, Youth-Driven SOC

45 minutes

SAMHSA: Materials for Families and Youth

Web Resources