ADHD Treatments for Prescribers

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By the age of 16, over 1 in 3 youth are likely to be diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder, and nearly 1 in 4 are likely to experience a behavioral disorder, such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.   A shortage in psychiatric services makes it essential for primary care providers to be familiar with treatments needed to help children diagnosed with ADHD

As the first point-of-contact in the health care system, primary care clinicians are uniquely poised to help diagnose and initiate treatment. Providers should know how to:

With treatment, children with ADHD can lead a happy, healthy, and productive life. In this interactive module, you will learn about medication options used for ADHD to include stimulant and non-stimulant medications, the common properties of these medications, and how to determine which drug is best for various situations using a case study approach.

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Venkata Kolli, M.D.
Rachel Faust, M.D.
Anureet Walia, M.D. 


Howard Y. Liu, M.D.
Joseph Evans, Ph.D. 


Jennifer McWilliams, M.D.
Crystal Epstein, APRN, Ph.D.(c)
Stephanie Brennan, M3
Heidi Keeler, Ph.D., RN