Online Training



Monthly Support for Supervisors


BHECN Supervision Boot Camp - A free Monthly ZOOM® Webinar Series for Behavioral Health Supervisors who want to super-size their skills!

Sessions are held live monthly via ZOOM starting at 12:00 p.m. CT and last one hour. The first session in the series (June 10) will include an overview of how the series defines supervision, introduce the moderators, and explain the upcoming topics. The series will continue monthly until we run out of ideas! No continuing education credits are available for attending, just lots of support and helpful ideas!

Training With Credits

These training opportunities are available online with continuing education credits.

 coretopicsimage_2021.jpgBHECN Webinar Series: Core Topics for Behavioral Health Providers

A free webinar series designed to educate behavioral health trainees on a variety of practical behavioral health topics, including schizophrenia, forensic issues and more. Trainees and providers can refer to these webinars as a supplemental resource to expand their knowledge in topics they may encounter as professionals.


telebehavioralhealth_landing-v2-300px.jpgTele-Behavioral Health Primary Care Webinars

BHECN is partnering with the Munroe-Meyer Institute and the Nebraska Partnership for Mental Healthcare Access in Pediatrics for this three-part enduring webinar series:
The Tele-Behavioral Health Consultation Primary Care Webinar Series seeks to provide primary care providers (PCPs) with the tools they need to increase their confidence and competence in managing psychiatric and behavioral health concerns in primary care.


Behavioral Health Integration for Primary Care Nurses:
Assessing and Responding to Self-Harm Behaviors in Primary Care Patients

This module focuses on the nurse's role in integrating behavioral health care in out-patient clinics/critical access hospitals (CAH). The content addresses immediate safety concerns for patients who experience behavioral health problems/crises and nursing interventions to promote patient and staff safety. The nurse's role in screening, assessment, and follow-up after a behavioral health crisis, including future recovery plans is also covered.

Training Without Credits

The following learning opportunities are still available online, however, if they originally included continuing education credits they have now expired.


Establishing a Behavioral Health Practice in a Rural Setting 

This video series is a BHECN Panhandle webinar series focused on helping students, early-career practitioners, or entrepreneurs looking to expand or develop a behavioral health practice in a rural setting.

Five hour-long presentations highlight different models of behavioral health practices. Presenters are behavioral health professionals experienced in creating and managing various types of rural practices. 

This series was recorded over the span of Five Fridays from February 5 through March 5, 2021.

brain-injury_event_image.jpgBrain Injury Awareness Webinar Series: The Intersection of Brain Injury and Behavioral Health Needs

BHECN is partnering with Brain Injury Alliance of Nebraska for this two-part webinar series. The series will provide an overview of brain injuries, how to screen for them, and the effects of physical and emotional trauma on the brain. The unique symptoms, needs, and treatments for individuals with brain injuries are discussed.

Rural-Provider-Network-Image-enduring-credits.jpgThe 3rd annual Rural Behavioral Health Provider Support Conference

The 3rd annual Rural Behavioral Health Provider Support Conference is now available as three enduring modules! These modules are intended for behavioral health providers across Nebraska, with a focus on providers (psychologists, LMHPs, PMHNPs, registered nurses, social workers and counselors) in rural areas of the state.


Mental Health in the Wake of a FloodBHECNcares-Logos.png

Natural disasters affect everyone in their path regardless of status, income, ability to recover or the ability to deal with the chaos left behind.
In this recorded webinar series, behavioral health professionals from the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC), Nebraska Medicine and the Behavioral Health Education Center of Nebraska (BHECN) present helpful information and resources on how to deal with the mental health effects in the aftermath of a natural disaster.


Focus on Forensics

BHECN partnered with the University of Nebraska Public Policy Center (NUPPC) for four-part webinar series, Focus on Forensic Mental Health. 

1) Promoting Healthcare Provider Safety: A Comprehensive Approach presented by Lynn M. Van Male, PhD, CTM, 2) Mental Health Courts
presented by Judge Ginger Lerner-Wren, 3) Patients & Prisoners: The Evolving Role of Correctional Psychiatry presented by Dr. Jacqueline Landess and Dr. Brian Holoyda, and 4) Limiting Liability: A Clinical Forensic Psychologist Perspective presented by Dr. Scott A. Bresler.

Online Training Modules - ADHD and Behavioral Health Screen Modules

BHECN has produced two online learning modules on ADHD and one module on Behavioral Health Screening that provide professionally developed, peer-reviewed, clinically relevant, and educationally sound materials to maintain and strengthen the competency of behavioral health providers across Nebraska.

Recorded (M-PEN) Webinars

A series of webinars by Michael Jibson MD, PhD, Director of Psychiatry Residency Education and Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Michigan, as part of a newly created learning community called the Midwestern Psychiatric Education Network (M-PEN). The intended audience is prescribers who treat patients with depression, including primary care, internal medicine, family practice, psychiatric, and pediatric providers, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners.

Rural Behavioral Health 2020 Conference Webinars

The 3rd annual conference was held virtually on 5/15/2020 and is now available for online continuing education credits. This series of webinars will provide information for rural mental health providers on a variety of relevant topics: self-care and wellness, providing behavioral health services to the ag community, and ethics of telehealth.

Training for Nurses

The Mental and Behavioral Health Care Webinar Series provides education on behavioral health best practices for patient clinical care, promotes recovery, and reduces stigma for nursing professionals. Featuring psych nursing experts from across the state, the series connects busy professionals with practical clinical knowledge and resources.


Training for Teachers

Catherine Jones-Hazledine, PhD, a licensed psychologist practicing in the Panhandle, conducted a day-long training in partnership with ESU 13 to offer training to teachers and school staff on addressing some of the behavioral health challenges students face.