Mental Health in the Wake of a Flood


Natural disasters affect everyone in their path regardless of status, income, ability to recover or the ability to deal with the chaos left behind.
In this recorded webinar series, behavioral health professionals from the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC), Nebraska Medicine and the Behavioral Health Education Center of Nebraska (BHECN) present helpful information and resources on how to deal with the mental health effects in the aftermath of a natural disaster.


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The Emotional Impact and Stages of Natural Disasters and Recovery

Christine “Tina” Chasek, PD, LIMHP, LADC, LPC, Director of BHECN-Kearney  bh_response_screen_photo.JPG

My story: How I experienced the flood and advice from a mental health nurse.

Phoebe Gearhart, BSN, RN, Clinic Nurse Lead, Nebraska Medicine phoebe_screen_photo.JPG

Stages of Grief and Depression: How you may feel when the waters recede

Marley Doyle, MD, Director of BHECN depression_screen_photo.JPG

Surviving a Natural disaster: Trauma and survivor guilt

Debi Pittock, LICSW, Psychiatric Social Worker, Nebraska Medicine surviving_screen_photo.JPG

Natural Disasters and Anxiety: What is normal?

Lauren Edwards, MD, Psychiatrist, UNMC Department of Psychiatry anxiety_screen_photo.JPG

Children and natural disasters: How to talk to your kids

Ryan Edwards, MD, Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist, UNMC Department of Psychiatry children_screen_photo.JPG

Returning to school: Tips for teachers when students experience a natural disaster

Brandy Clarke, PhD, Child Psychologist, UNMC Munroe-Meyer Institute returningtoschool_screen_photo.JPG

Staying well in times of stress

Jonathon Sikorski, PhD, Director of Wellness Education, UNMC Department of Psychiatry stayingwell_screen_photo.JPG

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