Online Training Modules

The BHECN Academy has produced several online learning modules that provide professionally developed, peer reviewed, clinically relevant, and educationally sound materials to maintain and strengthen the competency of behavioral health providers across Nebraska.

ADHD childADHD Diagnosis

The decision to diagnose a child with ADHD can be difficult.  Behaviors displayed by children of all ages can be caused by various reasons, and can be compounded by parental and school influences. How can providers be sure to differentiate between normal and abnormal behaviors, and to diagnose clinical problems accurately? 

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ADHD PharmocologyADHD Treatments for Prescribers

With treatment, children with ADHD can lead a happy, healthy, and productive life. In this interactive module, you will learn about medication options used for ADHD to include stimulant and non-stimulant medications, the common properties of these medications, and how to determine which drug is best for various situations using a case study approach.

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Adolescent Depression Module

Adolescent Depression Module

This module provides a practical course on the diagnosis and treatment of adolescent depression for health care practitioners providing front line care to patients.

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Screening toolsBehavioral Health Screening in Primary Care

A behavioral health screening tool is a routine assessment of health and well-being that helps clinicians identify problems early. In this interactive module, you will learn why screening tools are effective in identifying behavioral health concerns, what tools can be used, and how to incorporate them into practice. The module will also explore what actions to take when a screening identifies a potential issue through case studies involving children of different ages.

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LB556: The Children’s Behavioral Health Care Bill Module

In this interactive module, you will learn more about the bill that created the children’s behavioral health screening program, LB556.  The module will also discuss the need for increased access to behavioral health services, review the elements of LB556 as written in the law, and describe how these elements are working in clinics across Nebraska.

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Telehealth Training Module

Telehealth use is expanding all over the country, connecting patients to services they need, but are not able to access in their community. 

When providers think about adding telehealth services to their practice, they often have lots of questions:

In this interactive module learn about telehealth evolution and its current use and answer these questions. The module will also identify various indications of behavioral telehealth service delivery, describe telehealth etiquette and best practices, and demonstrate basic skills necessary to navigate the use of a telehealth platform.

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