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2020 Tele-Behavioral Health Consultation Webinar Series

The 2020 Tele-Behavioral Health Consultation Primary Care Webinar Series seeks to provide primary care providers (PCPs) with the tools they need to increase their confidence and competence in managing psychiatric and behavioral health concerns in primary care. Released June 29, 2020.

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Preparing for the coming telepsychiatry tsunami

Dr. Jay Shore, a Midwesterner with national recognition and a commitment to the cutting edge of telehealth presented at UNMC Psychiatry Grand Rounds on Wednesday, February 9, 2011. He discussed the national vision for telehealth services and his belief that technology will affect healthcare like an impending tsunami.

BHECN has the statutory responsibility to focus on the training of behavioral health professionals in telehealth techniques, including taking advantage of a telehealth network that exists as well as other innovative means of care delivery in order to increase access to behavioral health services for all Nebraskans.

Telemedicine resources

HRSA Telehealth Resource Centers

Telehealth Resource Centers (TRCs)  provide assistance, education, and information to organizations and individuals who are actively providing or interested in providing health care at a distance. TRCs have a current link to the telehealth compendium HRSA Exit Disclaimer  (DOCX - 28 KB).

Building a Telehealth Program?
Each Telehealth Resource Center (TRC) is staffed with experts on the telehealth landscape. We can help guide you through building and developing your telehealth program. Browse through our sampling of resources from our TRCs. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, use our contact form or give us a call, we have an abundance of resources available to share. (webpage)

Reaching the remote: Telemedicine gains ground Learn how services that provide specialists to patients in underserved areas are likely to expand as demands on the health care system increase. (article)

Nebraska Statewide Telehealth Network
The Nebraska Statewide Telehealth Network (NSTN) utilizes communications technologies, especially interactive videoconference systems, to connect rural patients to clinicians, provide increased access to educational opportunities and support administrative meetings that allow professionals across the state to collaborate. (article)

American Psychiatric Association (APA)
A Telepsychiatry Toolkit, the source for history and background, training, legal and reimbursement issues, technical considerations, practice, and clinical issues. (webpage)

Evidence-Based Practice for Telemental Health Guidelines
The American Telemedicine Association (ATA), with members from throughout the United States and throughout the world, is the principal organization bringing together telemedicine practitioners, healthcare institutions, vendors and others involved in providing remote healthcare using telecommunications. ATA has embarked on an effort to establish practice guidelines and technical standards for telemedicine to help advance the science and to assure the uniform quality of service to patients. (PDF)

Rural Behavioral Health: Telehealth Challenges and Opportunities (2016)
This guide explores barriers to accessing substance use disorder and mental health treatment services in rural communities, and the benefits of telehealth for these communities. It assists practitioners in implementing telehealth technologies as a means to increase access to services. (PDF download)

Tip 60: Using Technology-Based Therapeutic Tools in Behavioral Health Services (2015)
This manual assists clinicians with implementing technology-assisted care. It highlights the importance of using technology-based assessments and interventions in behavioral health treatment services. The manual also discusses how technology reduces barriers to accessing care (PDF download)

Practice Guidelines for Videoconference-Based Telemental Health October 2009
This guidelines document focuses on interactive video-conferencing based mental health services and telemental health/telehealth. The document is a companion document to ATA's Evidence-Based Practice for Telemental Health, an educational tool to aid practitioners in meeting these practice guidelines. (PDF)