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The Behavioral Health Education Center of Nebraska (BHECN), in partnership with Lotus House of Yoga is offering free virtual yoga and meditation sessions. This series originally started on Monday, March 30, 2020, and BHECN posted an online session per day on the BHECN Serenity Project webpage and on BHECN's social media accounts.

The BHECN Serenity Project is a series of FREE online wellness sessions, designed as an educational resource to support behavioral health providers, health professionals, frontline responders, Nebraskans, and anyone who is looking for ways to relieve stress, learn relaxation techniques and find a new balance.  

“BHECN is dedicated to the behavioral health of all Nebraskans,” Dr. Doyle said. “And especially of behavioral health providers and frontline responders. We feel it is important to give these courageous men and women the tools they need to manage the high stress they meet daily.”

Participants can expect to get an introduction to the values and skills of yoga and have a better understanding of breathing techniques, stress reduction, and relaxation. Participants may experience an increase in range of motion, enhanced strength and flexibility.

The sessions include basic yoga philosophy and exercises for increased flexibility, improved health, relaxation and reduced stress in daily living. 

Note: You can practice yoga postures without adopting Eastern philosophies or religions.


Video/Audio Sessions 

Week One


Monday 3/30/2020 Tuesday 3/31/2020
Wednesday 4/1/2020 Thursday 4/2/2020
Friday 4/3/2020 Saturday 4/4/2020
Sunday 4/5/2020   

Week Two


Monday 4/6/2020 Tuesday 4/7/2020
Wednesday 4/8/2020 Thursday 4/9/2020
Friday 4/10/2020 Saturday 4/11/2020
Sunday 4/12/2020   


Week Three








Week Four





Lotus House of Yoga Instructors: 

Mary Clare Sweet


Mary Clare is the founder and owner of Lotus House of Yoga. Lotus has been serving the Nebraska community for more than 11 years.
"I intend to bring the light! Energetic vibrations of fun run deep in my veins. My yoga practice began when I read a yoga book and begged my mom to teach me what she knew! I have been practicing for 20 years and to this day, it is the anchor of my life. I own Lotus House of Yoga, movement studios in Nebraska.
The classes I lead are fun, challenging and filled with love. My godfather is ashtanga and my sister is rock and roll. Music is integral to the movement classes I lead. My play-lists are funky and always fresh.
In my class, you will find the ancient and the modern, a whole lot of soul, and a commitment to the present."

Chaeli Buda 


Chaeli Buda is a full-time yoga instructor and manager of Lotus House of Yoga, Omaha, NE. Her roots grow deep in the heartland, calling Om Sweet Omaha her home. Chaeli's love of movement and dance led her to the mat in 2008, and she began teaching shortly after. Her classes are inspired by the subtle movements of breath and the idea that when we interact with our breath and surroundings, we transform energy from electrical impulses to physical vibration, feeling more and worrying less.
Her heart is full of gratitude for all the amazing teachers, students, friends and family that have shown her love and inspiration along the way. Go Easy.

Mandee Peterson


"Yoga has been such a passion of mine for years; nothing is more rewarding than spreading the power of yoga, not just through the physical body but the mental and spiritual bodies as well.
I have full intentions of helping to encourage others to transform their lives through movement, breath-work and stillness. I feel that yoga is a necessity to help stabilize balance in our busy lives.
My intentions are to bring each yogi back into their bodies, mind and spirit one movement and one breath at a time, on and off their mats."


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About Lotus House of Yoga:

Lotus House of Yoga's mission is to share love through yoga. Every class holds a transforming experience, be it a fierce challenge or deep relaxation. Lotus House of Yoga offers the opportunity for students to ignite their yoga practice and uncover their bliss. 

Lotus House of Yoga has four locations in Nebraska:

  • AKSARBEN | 6706 Frances St. | Omaha, NE 68106 | 402.281.4218
  • ELKHORN | 1529 S Cordts St #5 | Elkhorn, NE 68222 | 402.506.6796
  • ONE PACIFIC PLACE | 10363 Pacific Street | Omaha, NE 68114 | 402.933.1788
  • TELEGRAPH DISTRICT LINCOLN | 333 South 21st Street | Lincoln, NE 68510 | 402.423.0753