Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid is an interactive course that presents an overview of mental illness and substance use disorders in the U.S.

It builds understanding of risk factors, warning signs, behavioral impact and common treatments.

The course may be taken to certify as a Mental Health First Aider — learning a 5-step action plan (ALGEE) to help an individual in crisis.

The course is open to everyone - all audiences and professions, including:

Through funding provided by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Behavioral Health, the Regional Behavioral Health Authorities provide Youth and Adult Mental Health First Aid Training. 

11 Kearney High School students learn mental health first aid basics in 2-day interactive workshop

On December 15 and 16, 2012, BHECN presented its Mental Health First Aid workshop at Region 3 Behavioral Health Services in Kearney.

Participants were Kearney High School students from HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America -  an organization for students interested in health careers). 

At the two-day workshop, eleven students learned about:

Kearney High School was an early adopter for its students and is proactive in learning events and activities. For more information, contact Kathy Gifford at 308-698-8086 or

Kearney Student feedback — Q & A

Kaylee Reimers
Sophomore, Kearney High School
  Q. Why did you attend this workshop?
A. “I want to go into the Health field and thought would give me some important medical information. I also know people in my school with problems and thought this might help me be there for them.”
  Q. Why did you like about the workshop?
A. “We participated in lots of activities; we didn’t just sit around listening. It was fun.”
  Q. What was your favorite topic? 
A. “Suicide Prevention.”

Jenn Knepke
Freshman, Kearney High School
  Q. Why did you attend this workshop?
A. “It’s important to learn information to help others.”
  Q. What did you find useful?
A. “The ALGEE steps (crisis intervention) — what to do to help someone with a mental health problem.”