Penny for Your Thoughts

Mental Health Resources for Nebraska College Students

Penny for Your Thoughts

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What is Penny for Your Thoughts? 

Penny for Your Thoughts is a mental health awareness campaign designed by college students for college students. 

The goals of this campaign are to:

College can be a stressful experience, making it an important time in one’s life to learn more about mental illness.

It is reported that 1 in 5 Nebraskans live with a mental illness. The true number is likely higher. Many people do not seek treatment for mental illnesses for a number of reasons, such as being unsure if their symptoms constitute a mental illness, not knowing where to get treatment, or being hesitant to seek help due to stigma. The first step to receiving treatment involves learning how to address these issues.

By exploring this webpage, you are taking that important first step!

Follow the links to learn more about: types of mental illnesses, contact information for counseling centers within Nebraska colleges and universities, and how to respond to a mental health crisis.

Help is always available, and you should never feel alone.

To request the Penny for Your Thoughts campaign for your school or organization, email Laura Holly at or call 402-552-7692. 

The Penny for Your Thoughts campaign was created by students attending the 2015 BHECN College Ambassador Conference, where teams presented projects to address mental health stigma. Pictured left to right: Kaitlin Clancy, Pete Lass, Chelsea Musfeldt, Ciera Afrank, Allison Vlach, and Alan Eppley

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