Ambassador Career Engagement Award Recipients

BHECN Ambassador Career Engagement Awards - 2017 Recipients

Since 2012, the BHECN Ambassador Program has hosted conferences and presentations to introduce high school and college students to careers in behavioral health professions. In June 2017, BHECN launched the Ambassador Career Engagement Awards, awarding funds for community groups to introduce local youth to behavioral health professions through experiences closer to home.

BHECN has selected seven programs for funding in this inaugural year to be completed by May 31, 2018. The recipients are offering programming to educate Nebraska students primarily in rural or underserved communities. BHECN will track college enrollment and provide additional mentorship and support to students who enter programs to become licensed mental health professionals in Nebraska.

2017 Ambassador Career Engagement Award Recipients:

Bringing Awareness of Behavioral Health Career Paths to Rural High School Students

Exploring Behavioral Health Career Opportunities in Western Nebraska

HOSA Behavioral Health Science Experience

Behavioral Health – Explore the Possibilities

Increasing Awareness of Behavioral Health Professions to Underserved Minority Communities

Lincoln-Area Behavioral Health Career Camp

Northeast Nebraska Link to Behavioral Health Careers

For more information about the BHECN Ambassador Career Engagement Awards, contact Ann Kraft:, 402-552-7638

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