Combined Graduate and MD Degrees

A. Requirements for the Doctor of Philosophy degree for students enrolled in the combined MD/PhD degree programs 

All requirements for the PhD degree of the Graduate College and the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology must be fulfilled as specified in the Graduate Studies Bulletin. In addition, the following requirements apply specifically to students in the combined degree program:

Therefore, students should be prepared to devote a minimum of seven years in the pursuit of the MD and PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at UNMC.  

1. PhD Supervisory Committee 

The PhD Supervisory Committee for students in the combined degree program shall include a minimum of two members whose primary appointment is in a basic science department. 

2. Program of studies 

A minimum of two-three full years of graduate study are normally required to complete a program for the Doctor of Philosophy degree. Neither the courses carried nor the time spent in study determines the granting of the degree. The PhD degree is awarded primarily for a high level of scholarship and demonstrated excellence of independent research in the student's field. 

The student's program of studies shall be developed to encourage maximum integration of the training activities required for both the MD and PhD degrees; however, the student will normally be required to devote a period of full-time effort toward completing research requirements of the PhD program. Students in the combined MD/PhD program may not necessarily complete or be awarded both degrees at the same time.  

B. Acceptance of dual credit 

  1. Newly admitted graduate students who have successfully completed certain basic science courses as a medical student may be given retroactive graduate credit for the same course under its Graduate College counterpart number if:
    1. The course is a normal part of the PhD program for students majoring in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.
    2. The Graduate Committee and the Supervisory Committee recommend that the graduate-level counterpart of the College of Medicine course be included in the student's program of studies for the PhD degree.
    3. The department offering the course is willing to assign a grade in the graduate-level counterpart and recommends that credit and the grade for the 800- or 900-level course be listed on the student's transcript.
  2. Students who are admitted to both the College of Medicine and the Graduate College prior to taking a dual-listed course should simultaneously register for the course in both Colleges prior to taking the course.