Vacation and Attendance Policies

Q: What is the BMB Program's policy on student vacation, working hours, time, and attendance? 

A.  The policy includes the following:

  1. Mentor must give approval prior to vacation.
  2. Written notice via e-mail and by filling out an Absence Report Form (these are located in the BMB office) MUST be given to the graduate program office associate (Karen Hankins).
  3. All coursework must be dealt with by student; please inform appropriate course coordinators of your absence in their courses so you may be excused and also find out what you will be missing from classes.
  4. If you are gone from classes because of illness, please notify your mentor and the graduate program office associate of your absence via e-mail or telephone by noon on the day you are ill. 
  5. Journal Club and Seminar attendance policies apply to all absences - see below.

Journal Club and Seminar Attendance Policy

Attendance at both departmental seminars and journal club is required of all BMB students. Required seminars also include doctoral dissertation and master's thesis defenses as well as presentations by candidates for faculty positions. Each student will be permitted two excused absences per semester for journal club and seminar combined.  For purposes of this course, excused absences are defined as:  attendance at an off-campus scientific meeting, recruitment trips and illness.  Please note that "having an important experiment running" is NOT a valid excuse for missing journal club/seminar.  It is expected that you will organize your schedule to ensure that you are available to attend journal club and seminar just as you would for any other required course.  If you know that you will be unable to attend journal club or seminar for a valid personal or professional reason, then contact the course coordinator and the departmental office (Jennifer) prior to the journal club or seminar in question.