William G. Chaney

Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and Eppley Institute

Phone: 402-559-6657 William G. Chaney
Fax: 402-559-6650

Ph.D., Michigan State University, 1979


Student research opportunities in my lab:
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Medical students, summer research
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Research Interests:

Research in this laboratory is centered on the identification and biological functions of cell-surface molecules.

The role of cell surface carbohydrates in tumorigenesis and metastasis of breast cancer is being studied. The influence of the carbohydrates present at the surface of mouse tumor cell lines on the ability of these tumor cells to undergo metastasis is being investigated using techniques of somatic cell genetics, structural analysis of the oligosaccharides present in these cells, and direct assay of the enzymes responsible for complex carbohydrate biosynthesis.

A second area of interest is in the biochemistry and molecular biology of pancreatic cancer. Using a hamster model of human pancreatic cancer, this laboratory has studied the expression of tumor cell specific cell-surface antigens which react with anti-blood group A antibodies. The glycosyltransferase responsible for blood group A formation, and a membrane glycoprotein which is the acceptor for blood group A modification are induced in pancreatic cancer. The blood group A reactive membrane glycoproteins have been purified, and are being cloned from a cDNA library prepared by this laboratory. Future studies will investigate the distribution and function of these proteins in pancreatic cancer in the hamster model and in humans.


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Current Grants and Contracts:

National Institutes of Health P20RR016469
Nebraska Research Network in Functional Genomics
5/1/09 - 4/30/14

Department of Defense
Nebraska Prostate Cancer Research Program
04/15/10 - 03/31/13