ACGT Sequencing Instructions for Use

ACGT Sequencing

For assistance contact Muzafar in Dr. Batra’s lab DRC 7060

  1. Read and follow directions on ACGT website
  2. Use micro centrifuge or PCR tubes for each reaction and proper concentration of DNA and Primers diluted with sterile DDI H20.
  3. DNA samples in tubes may be shipped at room temperature for overnight delivery. It is not required to send the samples on dry ice or wet ice.
  4. Template DNA stored in individual tubes should be capped tightly to prevent accidental spillage or cross contamination.
  5. Drop off your sample(s) in a Ziploc bag labeled with the online order number into the drop box in DRC 7005.

*ACGT courier:
Michelle Becker
DRC 7066

Other Sample preparations:

DNA Samples In 96-Well Plate

  1. 96-well plates should be sealed properly to prevent cross-contamination or evaporation during shipment. ACGT recommends using strip caps to seal plates.  Then wrap over with Parafilm to avoid spillage and cross-contamination. High quality heat seals are also recommended.
  2. ACGT recommends freezing your plate samples and shipping with dry ice. You may pack the plates (while still frozen on dry ice) in a Styrofoam box. Please ensure there is a sufficiency of dry ice on the top, bottom, and on both sides of the plate(s).
  3. If shipping more than one plate, wrap the plates in aluminum foil and/or vinyl tape (not lab tape) so your plates will not shift or move around during shipment. Lab tape tends to become brittle and rip apart when exposed to dry ice.  Contact ACGT courier.*

Bacterial Agar Plates

  1. Use a Parafilm wrap on the edges of the plates and place them in the container with the lid side down. Pack with a protective bubble pad.
  2. Plates can be shipped at room temperature if not overgrown.

Bacterial Agar Lawns

  1. Use a Parafilm wrap on the edges of the lawns.
  2. Pack agar lawns in a Styrofoam cooler. Plates should be cooled to room temperature to prevent condensation. Once the plates have cooled, place them in the cooler with the lid side down.
  3. Place ice packs in the cooler. Do not place ice packs directly on plates as condensation may leak into the plates. Clearly indicate “THIS END UP” with arrows for a proper handling and delivery. Contact ACGT courier.*

Updated 5-10-2015 PM