BioRad Gel Doc System Instructions and Safety

BioRad Gel Doc System Instructions and Safety 

  1. Assume the whole system is contaminated with Ethidium Bromide or other hazardous chemicals that may be potential carcinogens. Also assume the door handle to this room is contaminated. Use a paper towel to open and close door.
  2. Always wear protective gloves when touching any equipment surface.
  3. Do not touch any other surface with contaminated gloves or gel containers including room door, chairs, trash receptacles, and equipment table.
  4. Do not dispose of any gels in normal trash receptacles. Only dispose of gels, gloves, paper towels in appropriate biohazard boxes in your lab or the biohazard box located in this room.
  5. Do not cut gels or use any sharp instruments on glass surface of UV transilluminator. This will damage glass surface reducing the equipment’s ability to take high quality images.
  6. Bring paper towels with you every time you image a gel to wipe off UV transilluminator and other equipment surfaces that came in contact with gel solutions or contaminated gloves. Place contaminated paper towels in appropriate biohazard boxes only. Do not place contaminated paper towels in room trash receptacles.
  7. Make sure you clean all equipment surfaces and table before you leave room.
  8. Do not shut down computer. Log off computer when you are finished. If login is not selectable, restart computer with password as: Password
  9. Make sure you have shut down UV transilluminator or other lighting in gel imager.
  10. Remove gloves before you leave room. Do not handle door or other surfaces with gloves even if you think they are clean. 

If you need help contact the Batra Lab on this floor. DRC 1 7054-62. Phone: 559-7754.

 Updated 2-1-2015 DK

Attention Custodial Services

This container contains biohazard materials.
The contents will be disposed of similar to laboratory biohazard materials.
Thank you