Standard Bioruptor from Diagenode

Equipment: Standard Bioruptor from Diagenode
Location: DRC1 Room#7032 (Trujillo Lab)
Primary Users: Matthew Northam, Shikha Sharma, Kelly Trujillo

 Equipment Uses:

The Standard Bioruptor from Diagenode has a number of uses that will be beneficial to any member of the department.  By directed sonication, it can be used to rapidly and efficiently lyse a variety of cell types (bacteria, yeast, mammalian cells) to generate native extracts for Western blotting, IP, Co-IP and other procedures.  It can also be used to shear DNA/chromatin for FISH, RNA-seq, or ChIP experiments.  The primary benefit of this over typical sonication is that it generates very little heat and can process multiple samples at once.  Additionally, the chromatin fragment size range is smaller, giving much greater resolution for ChIP experiments.

Instrument Description:

The system comes with a sonicating bath, housed in a soundproof box, adapters for 1.5mL eppindorf tubes or 15mL Falcon tubes, a control unit, and a circulating water cooler. For 1.5mL eppindorf tubes, samples range from 100-300ul.  The small tube adapter may hold up to 6 tubes at a time.  Standard 15mL tubes may also be used with the proper adapters located next to the instrument.  Under this configuration, samples must be between 500ul to 2mL in volume.


The water cooler and sonicating bath are to be filled with distilled water only. Deionized or tap water is not to be used.  The Trujillo lab will maintain water levels and occasionally change water, but there are bottles of distilled water available to top off to the indicated fill lines should there be any evaporation.  Adapters and sonication probes must be gently rinsed after use and dried with paper towels to prevent rust. All accessory materials are stored adjacent to the instrument.


The instructions and optimal conditions vary depending on the required use.  Optimization of your particular use with regards to sonication intensity, time, and number of cycles will likely be required. However, in the back of the manual there are several sample protocols, which will give you a good starting condition.  The manual is stored adjacent to the instrument.


Any of the primary users listed above will be able to train individuals on the use of the Bioruptor.  If it is your first time using the instrument, please consult one of these individuals.  At this time, there is no sign-up sheet for this instrument.  However, should the number of primary users increase, a reservation list may be implemented.

Updated 5-10-2015 LS