Centrifuge Instructions and Safety

  1. Make sure you are using the proper centrifuge, settings, containers and volumes before you begin a procedure.
  2. Make sure you have properly seated rotor on spindle and have it properly secured the screw that holds the rotor to the spindle and the second stage screw that holds the rotor lid on the rotor before you proceed.
  3. Clean any surfaces that have come in contact with spilled solutions or excess moisture or condensation before and after every use.
  4. Clean out and dry rotor chamber before and after every use.
  5. Clean and dry out rotor surface and buckets before and after every use.
  6. Any solutions or excess moisture will corrode rotors and the bucket interiors, reducing the service life of the rotor and making the rotor structure weak which could result in an explosion when ran at high speed.
  7. If you suspect or find any damage to the centrifuges or rotors report it immediately to the contact listed below.

Always put the rotor back in the cold room when you are finished.

Always fill out signup sheet with the proper information. This is important in maintaining the equipment use and safety.

If you have any questions or need help contact the Sorgen Lab in room DRC1 7022-24. Phone: 559-7566

Updated 2-1-2015 PM