Microplate Reader, Molecular Devices, Spectra Max

Microplate Reader, Molecular Devices, Spectra Max

DRC1 7041
DRC1 7028
Dr. Caplan

Hardware: Molecular Devices Spectra Max190
Software: Soft Promax

About:  The Spectra Max190 microplate reader is useful for colorimetric based assays such as Bradford assays as well as luminescence/fluorescence based assays such as luciferase and cell-titer glow cell viability assays.  The Soft Promax software, which allows the user to save, quantitate, graph and export data, controls the Spectra Max machine.

For a more detailed description and assay specific protocols, the user can download a PDF version of the Soft Promax user guide via the the Help->User guide tab.

Troubleshooting:  The most common problem associated with this machine/software is with the hardware/software interface.  When the user opens the software program, the user should see the icon of the Spectra max machine in the upper left-hand corner, next to the temperature setting (see picture 1).  If the machine is not properly communicating with the computer, a “?” will appear over the icon described above.

We have found two things that can correct this problem:

Go to file->preferences and make sure the settings are identical to picture 2 the Spectra Max190 selected as the reader and the connection as COM1.

If the question mark persists after correcting reader settings, we turn the machine off (switch found in the back of the Spectra Max190), log off the computer, and re-login.  Once the home screen is back, we turn on the device and allow it to warm-up before opening the Soft Promax application.

If this fails, contact Rich Lakota at rloukota@unmc.edu or by telephone at 402-559-7700

Technical support for this machine can be reached at: http://mdc.custhelp.com/app/ask/

Updated 05-10-2015 LS