PCR Machine Instructions and Safety

PCR Machine Instructions and Safety

DRC 1 7022

No current caretaker, contact Jeanette Gardner, Main office with problems.

 Do not use any tube or plate that is not appropriate for the PCR machine you are using.

  1. Make sure tubes and especially plates are well sealed before you begin run.

  2. Clean up any spilled solutions and dispose of in appropriate biohazard boxes.

  3. Be careful with PCR machine lids. These can be damaged if you slam or drop lids.

  4. Turn PCR machine off when you are done using.

  5. Make sure PCR heater block is clean before you start a run. Check each tube receptacle before you start.

  6. Distribute tubes evenly across block so lid will seat flat against top of tubes for even heating and sealing.

Updated 5-10-2015