Speed Vac/Gel Dryer Instructions and Safety

Speed Vac/Gel Dryer Instructions and Safety

Fill out Log Sheet!

  1. Turn vacuum pump oil filter and vacuum pump on using power strip.
  2. Close valve to pull a vacuum according to what type of drying you are doing.
  3. If your samples are in an organic solvent, turn cryopumping on.
  4. Be careful not to drop or slam down speedvac lid. This could damage the glass in lid.
For Speed Vac:
  1. Put samples in rotor
  2. Select a heat level/drying rate
  3. Turn concentrator on
  4. Verify the pump is pulling a vacuum (digital reader on top of vapor trap).  If not, check valve position.

Turning the System off:

  1. Turn concentrator off and heat level to low
  2. Remove samples
  3. *** RELEASE VACUUM ***
  4. Turn vacuum pump and vacuum pump oil filter off
  5. Turn vapornet back to non-volatile
  6. Record the time usage on Log Sheet

 If any solutions spill, clean it up.

Any Questions?  Contact David at 9-3842 or dklinkebiel@unmc.edu