Current Student Bios

Students in the BMI Program at UNMC come from diverse backgrounds and have a variety of research interests and experiences.  Feel free to e-mail any of them with your questions about the program, their research, or about Omaha.

Current BMI Students:

Jerrod Anzalone, PhD student

Jerrod Anzalone

Nagavardhini Avuthu, PhD student

Nagavardhini Avuthu Profile Pic

Curt Babbit, PhD student

Curt Babbitt 

Jihyun Ma, PhD student 


 David Ellis, PhD student

ellis- david-jpg

Sahil Sethi, PhD student


Ketemwabi Yves Shamavu, PhD student

Ketemwabi Yves Shamavu

Sharma Sunandini, PhD student

sharma Sunandini

Sami Vasistha, PhD student

Sami Vasistha Profile Image