Amino Acid Information

  1. General information
    Chemical structures IUPAC naming convention
    Protecting groups Protecting groups (by amino acid)
    Solvent accessibility Post-translation modifications
  2. Suggested amino acid substitutions
     for solvent exposed residues  for interior residues
     based on the Dayhoff matrix  the PAM250 matrix
     scoring matrix comparison
  3. Chemical properties
    Chemical classifications Hydrophobicity scales
    Residue volume, area and pKa Solubility, density and pI
  4. Structural properties
     Peptide bond geometry  Chou-Fasman parameters
     Bond angles  Residue hydrogen bonding
  5. Genetic properties
     The genetic code  Genetic code (non-cannonical)
     Mutation mass shifts  Nucleotide naming conventions
  6. References
  7. Authors

For additional information, try the Amino acid information page at FU-Berlin.

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