Journal Club

Multiomics Journal Club Schedule
Speaker Date Paper/Title
Akram Mohammed 8/24/2011 Support vector machine prediction of enzyme function with conjoint triad feature and hierarchical context
Adam Cornish 8/31/2011 -
Adrian A Epstein 9/7/2011 Human metabolic individuality in biomedical and pharmaceutical research.
James D Eudy 9/14/2011 -
Yeong C Kim 9/21/2011 What fraction of the human genome is functional?
Babu Guda 9/28/2011 Bioinformatics Research in the Guda Lab
Satish Srinivasan 10/5/2011 A Computational Approach to Finding Novel Targets for Existing Drugs
Adam Cornish 10/12/2011 Exome sequencing as a tool for Mendelian disease gene discovery
Robert B Norgren 10/19/2011 -
Sanjit Pandey 10/26/2011 The what, where, how and why of gene ontology—a primer for bioinformaticians
Other related papers:
Robert B Norgren 11/2/2011 Genome sequencing and comparison of two nonhuman primate animal models, the cynomolgus and Chinese rhesus macaques
Suleyman Vural 11/9/2011 Protein Networks as Logic Functions in Development and Cancer
San Ming Wang 11/16/2011 -
Robert J Boissy 11/23/2011 Metagenomic biomarker discovery and explanation

Howard S. Fox

11/30/2011 Deep proteome and transcriptome mapping of a human cancer cell line
- 12/7/2011 -
Rocky 2011 attendees 12/14/2011 Discussion of interesting research topics presented in Rocky 2011