Our Mission & Aims

Nebraska map 1. Cancer Burden Surveillance 2. Research Promotion & Trial Access 3. Engage & Educate Nebraskans 4. Translation of Research for Policies Our Specific Aims

  1. Understand, measure and monitor the cancer incidence, mortality, determinants, community needs and disparities in Nebraska over time.

  2. Facilitate and enable the conduct of research directly relevant to the needs in Nebraska and improve access to clinical trials across the state.

  3. Engage Nebraskans and implement evidence-based actions that can reduce the burden of risk factors and cancers at a population level.

  4. Promote translation of BCC research with support from strong community partnerships to inform Nebraska cancer policies.

Our Catchment Area

POPULATION: 1.9 million

93 Counties total:

  • 48: rural
  • 31: frontier (<7 people/sq.mi)
  • 14: urban

AREA: 77,348 sq. miles