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Why we need your help: The information gathered from the iCaRe2 registries and biobank helps researchers gain a better understanding of specific cancer types, determine risk factors, advance treatment for patients and their families and discover prognostic markers for cancer. The registry identifies participants who might benefit from screening measures for early detection which may lead to more options for treatment.

What can our genetic makeup tell us about our chances of developing cancer? Are there environmental factors to be aware of? Should I be concerned that my family is at a higher risk?

The iCaRe2 is a system that can help answer these and other important questions.

How you can help:

  • Provide your demographic, lifestyle, medical and family history information for the registry as well as biospecimens for the biobank
  • Continue annual follow-up with your health care provider so information can be obtained on disease or its spread, recurrences or additional malignancies, subsequent treatment, and quality of life
  • Encourage other cancer survivors and their family members to enroll.

How to enroll: 

Participation in the iCaRe2 is entirely voluntary. There is no charge to the subject and no compensation for participation in the registry. To find a participating center near you, please view the list of participating centers or feel free to contact the iCaRe2 coordinator for more information.

If you want to enroll at UNMC/Nebraska Medicine, you can start your enrollment process by clicking this link:

To be eligible, individuals must meet the following criteria:

  • Be older than 19.
  • Able to provide informed consent.

What is translational research? Translational research is the process of translating scientific findings into therapeutic interventions. Researchers study a disease in the lab and develop tools for physicians to try in clinical trials while clinicians chart the effects in patients, which in turn, impacts research efforts. Referred to as the bench-to-bedside approach, patients receive effective treatments as quickly as possible.

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